How do I upload my web site?

Use the following settings in your FTP program :

1-hostname: use your domain name (e.g. or the server IP address (e.g. located in your control panel and welcome email.

2-username: included in your welcome email or in the control panel under "FTP Accounts."

3-password: included in your welcome message or can be reset from the "FTP Accounts" section of the control panel.

4-port: 21

You should upload your web files in the /public_html/ folder.

Recommended Free FTP clients:
- Filezilla (for Windows)
- Cyberduck (for Mac)


Using the File Manager inside cPanel:

Once you have logged into your cPanel you can use the File Manager to upload and download files. It's great for simple tasks when you don't have access to an FTP client.

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